Tips for Hiking

Are you planning to go and see Rila seven lakes?

So, we should give you some tips then. We are absolutely sure that you don’t know much about Rila seven lakes, so we are here to help you.
You did’t make a wrong choice by picking this destination, but there are some stuffs to do firs. Preparing is most important thing, so be careful.


rila seven lakes


From Sofia to Rila seven lakes.

Lets start from Sofia. Of corse, you can start from wherever you want, but we start from here. The trip will last approximately 1h and 30 min. You can go by bus, but we strongly suggest you to go and visit it by car. Why? Because with a car you can just stop and take magnificent picture of the view.

What to wear when on Rila seven lakes?

That’s not a bad question. You are going hiking, so be prepared with that mind. Start with trousers, long ones is preferable, because they protect your legs. Shoes with a very good grip. Don’t go on high heels or flip-flops! Its a mountain after all. Waterproof will be good just in case. T-shirt – or if its cold, something better. Jacket is also nice to have. Wind stopper is good to have.

What to pack for Rila seven lakes? Start with that – you don’t need much! Take only stuffs for today. You don’t need your purse. Fill your backpack only with needed thinks. You can put these for example:

  • Dry tissues
  • Wet tissues
  • Water bottle – do we have to tell you that?
  • Second T-shirt – you never know.
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses – they might come handy.
  • Sunscreen – if you have sensitive skin.
  • Food – really optional.

Weather at Rila seven lakes.

You can check this in here or here. Super easy step.

Using the lift at Rila seven lakes.

Lift working time is from 9 to 4:30. If you plan using it on way back, be there at least at 4 p.m.

Prices of the lift (that maybe changed):

Return18 leva (9 euro)12 leva (6 euro)
One way10 leva (5 euro)8 leva (4 euro)


rila seven lakes

The journey with lift is about 20 minutes. Imagine – 20min for pictures?

How long it will take to see all Rila seven lakes?

Maybe this is the most important question for you? The lift from Panichishte takes you up, where you can start hiking. There are two ways to see all the lakes. The firs thing you see at the top is chalet, where you can have a cup of coffee or tea. Path one is located to the top right of the entrance of the chalet and starts with serious incline.
The other one begins behind the chalet. Many choose the first one, but we heart that the second is more beautiful.

Prepare yourself one day! The path takes you to see only 5 lakes of Rila seven lakes. If you want (you will want, because you are already there) to see all 7 lakes of Rila, you have to make 2 detours. The first 5 lakes will take you about 3 hours. If you want to see all 7 – 5 hours. But this is really as you can walk. You maybe need 10, maybe 2. But don’t forget – the nature is absolutely incredible! © 2017 Frontier Theme